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The development of highly complex mixtures of active plant ingredients and the research of their effects on the organism is the main task of RRNO-Research GmbH. The background is the experience generated during the last 40 years, documented, e.g. in development on the current worldwide leading plant feed additives and with which numerous top-class scientific papers are concerned. Practice shows that these plant additives are far superior to the antibiotic performance enhancers previously used.

This extensive knowledge gained in animal nutrition can understandably also directed to problems in humans in a correspondingly modified form. Here we are talking about mixtures for influencing complex metabolic processes, which has led to unique products for age-related health maintenance. The solution of intestinal problems is another area of our work.

The observation of problems occurring especially in horse husbandry led to the development of a new approach to binding dust in hay and straw. Dust is an ideal carrier for microorganisms and mycotoxins, which enter the animal’s lungs with the dust. Numerous scientific studies show the problems for humans and animals caused by this dust. With the MDF system (MDF stands for Magic Dust Free), we have developed a process that has been patented due to its novelty.